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She went to line up, I left guarding position. The team a little longer, she came in last, she stretched out his head to look at jumping and dancing in front of the sign, but did not notice the next person, accidentally knocked cheap jerseys from china a guy's Coke, and then a burst of confused. I think if we are here to Chen, certainly have frowned, then stepped forward to help her clean up the trouble. This girl, she cheap nfl jerseys china can bring to Sum what? She is simply to Sum two worlds, she knew nothing about such a brilliant way, simply do not go into the inner world to Sum. Sum side needs to give him a help, can take care of him, so instead he always careful to take care of a girlfriend. She took cheap nike jerseys china her plate back on the right sleeve hem are Coke wet, she did not care, look guilty to me, said:. "To Rose, do not tell me they do bad things to the Sum" I nod, do not mind eating a few fries possessions. "Mo Sheng." I told her. She sucking Coke, heard the rise, dark eyes looking at me. I avoided her eyes, and quickly said "My brother and sister and not to Sum, before we both were great neighbors, all surnamed Ho, so adults will take a similar name was later to Chen's father and mother out of the accident, our family adopted to Sum. " My breath Then she poses with suction music innocently looking at me, did not react. I suddenly impatient, said with emphasis:? "You do not understand we do not brother and sister, we do not have a little kinship" The "Mei you kidding me?" She finally responded, but it is this makes me angry answer. "In Chen never said ......" She apparently dazed up. "It's our family to Chen why should you say? With Sum and you said something important you?" She suddenly see a white face, I know I said that in her weakness. Sometimes they get along the sidelines, unlike the male and female friends, pour a bit like an adult tube kids, adults and children will be a big deal you say? Later, I was on the mall, someone commented, I said: "Why Mei, you be in vain typical gentle dough looks like a good bully, in fact, most have the tools, good at catching snakes seven inches, set people on. to death. " I smile listening, occasionally remembered the first time I played this skill is in such an afternoon, my good friend, one pair of their love without actually confident girl. In fact, that time period who have confidence in their feelings? I, classmates and friends around to Chen, Zhao Mo Sheng's classmates and friends, feel they are so inappropriate, that sooner or later they will break up. Chen then probably only to feel they will always go on. And he was wrong in too confident. I've obviously looked at the mess of Zhao Mo Sheng, dropped a second bomb "I want to tell you today, I love to Chen, I do not want to surreptitiously love him, I want to compete openly with you." Taking advantage of aftershocks still around, and finally I said softly "Zhao Mo Sheng, you think you won more than two decades of childhood feelings we do?" Having these, I got up and left. Opened the door the moment, think actually, she did not buy something to eat, do not know cheap jerseys china if she has not in the mood to eat. The next few days, I did not go to stay in their own schools in C major. In fact, I think about it very weak, perhaps despicable. I can not stand directly in front of Chen speak my mind, so look for Zhao Mo Sheng showdown, borrowed her mouth to tell to Sum. I never treat you as a brother, you know? Chen will be how to answer her?