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I stood up. The "Rose." He told me dismissively. "Ah, I, I come ......" I do wholesale jerseys from china not know what to say, the moment a little panic. If Zhao Mo Sheng remark, but because I go, I do not know him think. He did not seem to find my exception, as before, asked me what happened, I shook my head. He did not say anything, just told me to lunch. We went to teach three cafeteria. If you wholesale nike nfl jerseys china go outside the small restaurant, teach three canteens are our most frequent place to go, because Zhao Mo Sheng chef do like it here very sweet and sour pork ribs, each time to line up early for fear hit. Food fight master here probably know her, give her full weight than some others, she can not afford to eat, use chopsticks to give Chen folder one by one. Chen actually do not like to eat sweet, but it seems never refused. Sum dinner with very silent, he did not speak, I can not say. Eating out of the cafeteria when he said to me: "I'll go with N large." Carter moment my mind give birth to an surprise, however, was quickly put under sentence of my surprise annihilation. "Mo Sheng library card you that." "What ......" I said blankly. "The last time that help you borrow the" Money and Banking "is borrowed her library card, library card handy clip on the inside." Despite repeated references to her, but his countenance always very plain, have not seen what the tone downs. "Oh." I stare replied. N walked all the way to big. wholesale nike jerseys china Today's exceptionally quiet road to Sum people who have no love more than words, before a lively way because of Zhao Mo Sheng twitter bother him. To my school, he was waiting for me downstairs, I ran upstairs. Previous phase I write "Money and Banking" thesis, N large book in this regard is very old, she asked me to Chen in C major library to borrow. On Chen's library card to borrow already full, so they took a silent Sheng Zhao's. Climb into bed, took out that the "Money and Banking", hastily doubled, library card and sure enough on the inside, caught in the chapter by comparison later, I did not notice before. Zhao Mo Sheng ponytail photos on the big eyes smile curved like a crescent moon, a pair of sunny look. Very familiar smile, recently I have often seen. Probably because we are really happy, so she is very contagious smile, laugh together dimple looming, there is a bit naughty and somewhat high spirits, people do not consciously follow her cheerful mood. In Sum perhaps like her that smile. I actually laughed good-looking, but not her this. There is a second card that I want to throw this book, now in Chen said not found. But finally send it down, looked to Chen put it wholesale nfl jerseys china into the pocket. "She's gone." Chen looked to gradually go away desolate back, I kept saying to myself. So what brilliant smile again, she was gone, already withdrew. Chen still reluctant to even temporarily, will soon forget her. At least now, he has been very calm.