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Do not like it you can kiss, so to Chen will actually not so fond of her? Roommate was still gushing: "How Mei said ah, is not who kiss you worry about that, if it is you, it is definitely likes you, you condition so well, so long the water, my mind and spirit ......?" I stared listening to her talking. Good condition, what cheap jerseys from china free shipping use is it? He do not like me. However, if the conditions of nfl jerseys from china free shipping Zhao Mo Sheng lot better than me, I probably would not be so reconciled, but not as good as she happens to me a lot. Why would she? That night I sleep in the confused thoughts. The day after, I will still go to C major, and they will still eat together, but never the cheap jerseys free shipping kind of certainty before the calm. Gradually realized that even with Chen does not like me, I do not want to do his sister. Then, one day, I have a month after Zhao Mo Sheng. I sat KFC do psychological preparation. Zhao Mo Sheng carrying a small backpack, walked out of the window. She saw me and waved at me across the windows, briskly Tuimenzoujin come. She looks good mood. Already found her in a good mood when walking would be a little jumping. School moved to the campus after my first trip to C major, that she came to pick me up. I was standing at the school gate waiting to Chen, but she saw the bouncing slightly brisk walk in the C major boulevards, the sun through dense foliage speckled shone on her, the people seem to melt in the sunshine. "In Rose, Hello Ho students to meet, sent me to pick you up." Then she came up to me with a smile said to me. Now she clipped the same brisk pace came up to me: "to Rose, you're so early into it." She sat down opposite me: "what we eat, I have a coupon." She took out a stack of coupons bag on the table sharing research. "Whatever." "Then I can help you spot a good children's menu, play with cheap jerseys from china toys to give to Sum." She said seriously look. I knew she was joking, but have a little laugh, I almost hated her relaxed, and I'm nervous this time in stark contrast.