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Dim faint moonlight, he hugged her, and she sat on his lap, he kissed her. That night I dreamed to Sum. Some confusion incoherent scene, a child must pass through the bridge opening after school, in the shelter of the bridge opening he and I, and then suddenly at home, that breezy afternoon, his eyes closed listening to English, I would have to ask questions long standing in the doorway, stared at him ...... Finally, I stood on the static park trails, nestled in his arms and looked at her head against his chest, clutching his fingers playing, and he connived to either her quiet no sound with each other. While he was a little impatient, backhand grab her closer, looking down, again gently kiss up. ...... So the first time I know, the original dream will be heartache, pain to be able to wake up. 2 In fact, I did not feel like how to Chen Sheng Zhao Mo, even though he admitted that she was his girlfriend. Memories I have pretended asked curiously silent Zhao Sheng, how did you know, talking about how love? She Yaotouhuangnao, spit tongue, very playful way: "stalker." And then grabbing the sleeve around to Chen asked, "is not it?" In Sum "Well," a cry, ignore her. To Chen and others like her are no different, this pair has been cold light the way, not many words, action is also seen more than intimate. Usually walk, Zhao Mo Sheng if not pulled him to a cheap nike jerseys wholesale person walking in front. Zhao Mo Sheng There are times complained to me, said: "Rose, do you think I do really like to Sum few days ago I endured did not find him, he did not think of looking for me ......?" Mexican Sheng looked into my eyes full of grievances. I said: "You sent him point temper try to see if he will come to coax you." Vexatious to Sum always hate people, I also feel that this idea is not ill-wishers. "Definitely not." She imagined would shake his head sadly and said, "And I did not dare." Longer in contact with them, the more I will accept to Chen Sheng Zhao Mo, probably just because the moment of loneliness. She should just be a short life with Sum astray, will soon disappear. Because they are so inappropriate, a calm and restrained, a passionate impulse, a premature and naive, a naive. I just need patience, patiently waiting to find their own how Chen is cheap jerseys wholesale inappropriate. However, static park that scene has broken all my confidence. I can cheap nfl jerseys wholesale not see the original in place, they are like this. Such intimacy ...... Such ...... Static park come to mind that scene, I rolled over, his head buried in the pillow. Has been in the past several days, but remember that picture I still feel pain in my heart was being pulled waves. Dormitory has lights, a few talkative roommate awake, rushes to talk about the boys department. I had always been interested in them these discussions, this time it could not take the initiative to ask out loud: "? If boys do not like that girl, she will kiss you." There was cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale an immediate answer. "Just do not hate, kiss What is this, you can go to bed. Why Rose is not who kiss you anyway?" One of my roommates asked excitedly. My eyes at the ceiling, not talk to each other.