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Freshman winter, I cheap NFL jerseys for sale saw Zhao Mo Sheng. Remember the day is, and cheap nike jerseys for sale to buy stocking Sum together. New Year approached, when many people on the street and noisy, but I clearly heard someone shout to Chen's name, turn around, you see a girl from across the road rushing. That was the first time I saw Zhao Mo Sheng. Later, Chen and entangled with the life of people. At the time of her first impression is hairy. A hairy girl. White fluff hat, a scarf around the white shag line, only one pair of dark eyes on the outside, NFL jerseys for sale flexible eyeball turn ah turn bright colors, very proud and lovely look. Oh, and furry paws, is holding to Chen's arm, happily said:. "! To Chen, I know I will see you know." She was holding in Chen's arm excitedly chatter for a moment, only to find me standing at the side, she was a little puzzled look, looked at me, looked to Sum. So I hear almost immediately to Chen explained:. "This is my sister, why Rose" I remember when the streets together before, had also met with Chen's female students, female students who sometimes overly enthusiastic stopped us, and then looked at me and said ambiguously: "Hey, why Chen, this will not be your woman friends, right? " Chen will reveal to the eyes unhappy, then it is those female students got the message no longer jokes. Never been so anxious to explain why. She heard immediately looked at the smiling little to please me: "! Hello, I Jiaozhao silent sheng, your brother's girlfriend." Moment my mind went blank and did not know how to react better, only stare at her. She seems to be scared of my reaction, but do not know how to do, and immediately turned around and looked to Sum. Chen was cheap jerseys for sale kicked in her hand, almost scolding said: "? Rampage you just did not see the red light yet." "Oh." Enthusiasm was hit, she quickly depressed mood down, bowed his head kicked the foot of the stone, "Well, I'm so happy, really did not expect to see you ah you refused to give me your home phone No, I had to go to the street to take a chance, I have been on the streets for several days ...... Akira. " More that the lower the sound, suddenly stepped to Chen mercilessly kick, turned and ran:. "I'm gone."