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Work when asked Peng master Jingqiu Party come back to work, Peng master said. "I do not know, but the factory called me first say on behalf of one week." Jingqiu want, that is to say at least one week Wan hunchback can not come, she asked "?? Your master's house today to the square, the square master - how to re-injury is not heavy." "There is always the last ten and a half months can not ban it." "You have not heard is to listen - why fight who fight -?? Wan master" "Anyway, now mass chaos, and some others say that he withheld wages, some say is - he bullied others families -?., Who knows it could be wrong." "That - beating caught yet?" "Seems to have no right, but you do not worry, certainly caught, but sooner or later." She stood Leng Leng Peng master so sure will grab people hit, indicating that the Public Security Bureau have a clue, and that the youngest is evade the law. She Xinrudaoge, just stood wholesale nba jerseys free shipping there, afraid to cry, and what did not dare ask. She thought that if the youngest was arrested and sentenced to a punishment, she will always waiting for him every day to see him, just that they do not sentence him to death, he would always come out one day, she would wait for him forever, etc. he came out, she took care of him for a lifetime. She comforted themselves that they would not sentence him to death, because Wan hunchback did not die, why do you want him for life? But she thought, if any "harsh and strict" hit the limelight, there are still possible. She had a classmate's brother, robbed others one hundred and fifty dollars, but because it is the "strike hard" when it sentenced to death. Anny Peng master courage to ask "Is it - the Public Security Bureau had no clue what or how you know that sooner or later will catch??" "I'm not the Public Security Bureau, where I know captivated or catch? Party I see you are worried that let you feel at ease. Grasp of plenty, my feet are being crippled I also know who the murderer is, the Public Security Bureau report, and seize yet? until now did not seize, already do not know where to run you a flat head people, scouring the God who gave you trouble catching the murderer? " This news really is encouraging, although it is very unfair for Peng master it, but now want to hear this kind of quiet autumn escape than the story, the more it seems to hear, the greater the likelihood of the youngest escape the same. Those days, she was restless all day, always worried that the youngest will be taken away. Later heard people say Wan hunchback did not report, may be made ​​of his own conscience, afraid reported the matter, is the Public Security Bureau seven eight chase chase, chase out those of his scandal came, had to eat this Yaba Kui. Hearing this news, Anny more at ease. But she was afraid it was Wan hunchback put a smokescreen, so vigilance is still a hundred times, I thought the only other Wan wholesale nba jerseys hunchback dead, the youngest only really safe. Peng master agent that time, relatively quiet autumn day feel better, because the teacher does not like Wan Peng hunchback, as the dispatching as a favor to you, motionless took out table function, but also wish you to give him in return. Peng master are businesslike, heavy work light wholesale nba jerseys cheap work we all take turns dry. So dry, quiet autumn heart at ease, people tired does not matter, as long as the heart is not tired easier to handle. However, this did not take long for a better life communism, Wan hunchback came back to work. Wan hunchback did not leave a scar on his face, do not see wholesale nba jerseys from china him beaten. But look closely, you can still see that play is not a light meal, seems more bent his back, dead air face heavier, do not know the people certainly thought he five years old. Wan hunchback, then seems to have went flying, not as before, put everyone at every turn increased aid training meal, simply said "Today everybody went there to pick the basketball court floor material, pick over started doing 'floor 'you need not worry about living done, the factory several basketball courts waiting for you to do, well, you can help other plants do. " He made these remarks said, following odd jobs began complaining, saying that doing floor most tired, you told us to do the mill basketball court does not say that we want others to do the factory? You treat us as coolies ah? Wan hunchback impatiently shouted "noisy noisy unwilling to do what you can now go."