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I do not know the reason why, "often crazy woman" from the outset not like the quiet autumn, always get her as a thorn from time to time with the swearing beat her. There are "often crazy woman" presence Jingqiu working really cheap nba jerseys from china feel like years. Jingqiu not afraid of hard work, people who are not afraid to work together to unite, attack each other, torment each other, so dry, then, the mood is not happy, is particularly tough time. She would prefer to work together with men, because men how not to bully her, even though she just started looking a little dislike, over a few days just fine. But a different woman, you do not know how it is, you might have offended her down, she would always embarrassed to cheap nba jerseys online tell you. Finally coming to rest, the quiet autumn to the water pipe to wash his foot and found the leather soles are burned lime layer, just do not feel Zhigu work, now walking terrible pain. Afternoon call it a day at home, she quickly washed the feet with water, painted a soothing winter with a little "clam oil", it seems a good number of pain. Sleep at night, she did not dare to sleep too dead, fear sleep in hum up, her mother found out. Floor made ​​a few days, she has been able to adapt to the kind of labor intensity, but there are two things that make her very upset, one is that "often crazy woman" always trying to find fault with her, then there are some holes in the soles rotten , small, but deep, and zigzag, go home every day with a needle to take a long time to fall into the cinder pull out, and their feet swollen badly, what shoes to wear not go. Fortunately, my mother early to late, and too tired during the day, night sleep Shen, did not find her feet problems. One morning, Anny is preparing to go to work every day, I heard a strange knock on the door. She opened the door, almost called out, is the youngest, his hands holding several bags, probably just their feet gently knocking. He invited her to flash ranging came to the hands of a few bags down, said. "Do not worry, no one saw me, I saw your mother walked into the school only cheap nba jerseys free shipping to" She stared at him, trying to believe that this is not a dream, she whispered "? You - have not been cheap nba jerseys arrested." The youngest did not understand "I was caught go?" She said shyly "grasping Public Security Bureau went." She Wan hunchback beaten things to say for a moment, and asked him, "You did not hit Wan hunchback?" "No, ah," a very innocent look on his face, "You told me not to get into trouble is not it?" She think also, he was so smart people, even fight, it certainly would not choose that time to play. She surprised and said "Who will be Ding also said he did not play the whole?." "Wan hunchback might offend too many people who want to make sure more than one of his two - Do not pipe square hunchback of it." He opened a paper bag and asked, "do not eat breakfast I bought some breakfast?." "I've eaten -" "And then eat, I bought your sister with two people." Anny took a donut to a back room to eat his sister, asked her sister, said "This is me - a friend, do not tell my mother that he came -" "I know." Jingqiu back outside, but also eat a donut. She refused to eat the youngest see, and put a paper bag and handed her and whispered, "Do not be angry, count me ask you -" Jingqiu open wrap a look, a pair of high integration of shoes, is her favorite beige. In order to buy her half-sister, conventional shoes, once to the city to read the various department stores, department stores have only star of this color shoes sell elsewhere only black and red. She looked puzzled him "This is -" "Dressed to work, I saw you yesterday - the basketball court -?, In that place, do not wear shoes how the line" He looked at her feet, swollen like a bun, toes swollen and red, like some small carrots. His eyes were red, no longer speak, would seem to say the same tears. Anny asked "Yesterday you run the factory head go?"