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Ding whole still sleeping, people wholesale nba jerseys usa are the same bedroom woke up, rubbed his eyes ran up the corridor. She asked if wholesale nba jerseys free shipping he could find a place to say a few words. Ding immediately with her full-out, two people looking for a secluded place the next station. Anny asked "Have you heard not, Wan hunchback was beaten last night, and today is no way to work." Ding whole very excited "? Really deserve, Who is to start with than I am ruthless?." Jingqiu bit disappointed to say "I - thought - How about you." "How do you think it was me? Last night, I work at night." Jingqiu thoroughly disappointed, saying "I'm afraid that you are the last thing in order to teach him a lesson, I fear you will this thing - trouble -" Ding whole very impressed "Do not worry about me, I did not really after me into the plant never a fight, and that was because he bullied you, I'm angry, only hands - you -. kind to me - you're always starting from primary school to help me. " Jingqiu reminds anxious he was sick, was unable to be ashamed "Where can we talk about to help you, not all teachers confessed mission -" "You Kan Bukan get out, I had only heard your words of one person, so the teacher brought me to you tube." Jingqiu dumbfounding, I thought then I could not pull dragged you, you said just listen to my own words. Obedient that way, do not listen can imagine. Ding entire asked "You do not start work today that - we go - outside watching movies??" Jingqiu decline quickly "You just night shift, sleep would be it, so go to work tonight, not the spirit -" Ding whole, said "I ​​will now go back to sleep, you see, I'm still very listen to you.." Finished, went back to the bedroom and went to sleep, Anny also go home. Stay at home, quiet autumn is restless, constantly emerge youngest was caught in front of the Public Security Bureau, tied to the execution of the screen. She was anxious to death, in the heart blame him, how are you so dizzy? This Mania enchant you with your Wan hunchback of which lives, is it worth it? You even this account are considered, however? But she immediately doubled blame yourself why you want to be talkative and told him? Do not say anything he does not know? Well now, stir up so much trouble, if the third child was taken away, and also your victims. She wanted to go public security bureau surrendered themselves say that they are doing, because Wan hunchback want to bully her, she was forced to fight him. But she wanted the Public Security Bureau would not believe her, just ask where to play yesterday, she could not answer, say Wan beat him hunchback know for sure is male or female. She hopes in the heart is small whole dry, Dante entire night shift last night, and today it does not look like he did, it would only be the youngest. But things have gone, Ding also played Wan hunchback whole, and not on line yet? Why youngest to play it again? Then she remembered that he had said "? There next time he want to live." Words when he said that, the kind of teeth look, give her the feeling that if the square hunchback on the side, wholesale nba jerseys from china the youngest certainly be fist came up. Maybe he was afraid of "next", so last night, specially swim over to Wan hunchback learned a pass, take preventive measures? She can not stay at home longer, and it ran back to the factory to see if there is any news. Factory know these things seem more and more, Wan hunchback seemed really hated, we heard that he was beaten, nothing sympathetic, but also no record straight, even if not gloat, but also in relish when the story. Some said "It must be what people do hate him, I heard that people dedicated to start picking vital parts, small square waist was kicked a lot of feet, legs in the air also was a seedling I was afraid to see him this unbearable. wholesale nba jerseys , the egg definitely was broken, to die without sons of. "