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This sentence seems to put all the people awed. We quietly go to the basketball court work. That everyone is pick flooring material is cement, lime there is a cinder proportionally mixed together. Floor material pick a few days, they started doing floor. Morning Jingqiu get to the tool room tool, "Stone law" reminded her "girl, no one told you to wear shoes High Commission?" Anny looked at other people's feet, most wearing traditional shoes high, there are twelve traditional shoes is probably not high, with a rag wrapped feet. Anny did not make the floor, the system does not know to wear high shoes, but she did not high integration shoes, and sometimes they can not find a rag, it barefoot into battle. To the basketball court to see, to know what is doing the floor, is to shop in these two days to pick the stadium floor material plus water, stirring after evenly spread on the basketball court, and so did the cement paste and then a layer, it becomes a simple cement basketball court. I heard that this is the way to cheap nba jerseys save money, so are the odd jobs. Wan hunchback personally carrying a rubber pipes in the water, working odd jobs, he is standing on both sides, turning a spade of earth covered with cinder, lime and cement, stir, spread on the ground. Wan hunchback pipes poured into where they would stir odd jobs where, otherwise, after a while cement solidified, it turned not move, that one on the void, we must re-cutting move. So Wan hunchback shouting themselves hoarse, so that everyone dry faster. We do not want with the "mother rock" stand together, because she loves to be lazy. "Stone-law" squeeze in beside quiet autumn. Anny did for a while, you admire the "stone-law" will be lazy, looks shovels moving too fast, but it is shallow shovel down, there is no turning deep plowing through. Jingqiu afraid to be found to be Wan hunchback rework, and thought, "Stone her mother" lazy is a last resort, so much an age, where did move? Has been the life force, had to come out dummies, had there "grinding life", is a Kuren, she had to do a little more than their own. Wan hunchback divided people into two groups, shifts to dry. Each group till Wan hunchback shout "substitutions" when you can go to the side of a break, and then another group came up dry. Jingqiu feel a little in the dark the whole Wan hunchback she deliberately let her dry a little longer this group. The results "often crazy woman" also felt Wan hunchback right Jingqiu care too, and let her group did too short. "Often crazy woman" eye of a ramp, noise air waves, said. "Party, you can not watch someone younger group, X tender, the eccentric you hired is her strength, not her X, if you hire her the X, but not as good as she received now put your house - " Jingqiu the group on a man she was young, she was angry and furious, but did not dare Haizui know such people untouchables, "often crazy woman" say anything, you do not say anything. You say one, she can say one hundred. And she did not mention names, you "recognize anxiety" (acknowledge), that you have a guilty conscience. The only way is cheap nba jerseys free shipping to ignore her. Anny once told "often crazy woman" played together for some time workers, know not dare to offend "often crazy woman." I heard that "often crazy woman" looked good when they were young, the husband is the director of the shipyard. But I do not know why, "often crazy woman" but her husband divorced. Some said that she was to leave, and some say her husband to leave the. Her four children did not want a whole gave her husband. She has no formal job, by doing odd jobs for a living, the family penniless, just to spread a few newspapers, put picked up a few rotten batting above a bed. Later, she told the person in charge of the army declared K City, eight teams Comrade Li sudden love affair came. Comrade Zhang cheap nba jerseys supply online is a married, but not K City. How respected Comrade Zhang will fancy "always crazy woman", no one quite knows, anyway, "often crazy woman" Comrade Zhang said she was pregnant with a child, Comrade Zhang does not recognize, said "I did not at all, Chang Fengying always been a immodest woman, revolutionary cadres now want to shame. " Finally, nobody knows for sure that the child is not Comrade Zhang, but "often crazy woman" gave birth to the child, everyone said "My son's father is a military comrade Zhang Xuan team, you see looks like not like? " Some people think that children like Comrade Zhang, some people feel that "often crazy woman" is lying. Later, Comrade Zhang is removed, do not know where to go tune. This look, cheap nba jerseys from china we finally thoroughly convinced that his son often crazy woman is kind of Comrade Zhang, otherwise how should Comrade Zhang transferred?