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Some have even said "Wan hunchback what is that person's opponent at least one meter eighty others, just how much a square meter on June hunchback look there, others do not shot, fell down on it crushed him??." Jingqiu hear these arguments, know Wan hunchback did not die, as long as he did not die easy to handle, the youngest would not be sentenced to death. But she wants if he did not die, he will be able to tell who hit him look like, that is not good as dead. But the youngest person so smart, do not let Wan hunchback see what he looks like? But if no one sees, how others will know how high it hit people? She heard "meter eighty," the words, you wholesale nba jerseys china know that can never be a small wholesale nba jerseys free shipping whole. Subconsciously, she always wanted to beat Ding whole. Although Ding whole myself not him, but his night shift last night, but it was midnight the night before work, Ding beat Wan hunchback full meal can go to work. She knew she wanted so very dirty, very shameless, but she was really so wish, you may know the way, put the youngest wash, the youngest will not go to jail, it will not be sentenced. But she thought that if really small all-dry, that wholesale nba jerseys online he is doing it for her, does she will be able to sit and watch the whole go to jail sentences rather than the small sad? She knew she would wholesale nba jerseys be very sad, she will even give up in order to repay the whole Ding youngest, always waiting for the D-wide. She felt her nerves seem to be able to withstand small blow the whole jail, but her nerves certainly can not afford the youngest jail blow. As she derided their despicable, while also hoping that, even whimsical to want to persuade Ding whole scapegoat. She promised to be his own small whole, as long as willing to put the full responsibility of a small labors of. The problem is she up to now do not know in the end how it is, even the scapegoat do not know how to go to the top. The next day she went to the factory to go very early, sitting Wan hunchback outside the office, etc., do not know what is waiting for. Da Buda work for her does not matter, the important thing is to find out the latest progress made in this matter, in a word, the youngest was caught not, the Public Security Bureau know do not know who is beating. After a while, doing odd jobs have come one after another, the hot topic is naturally Wan hunchback was beaten thing. "Folds" always been based on well-informed sources emerged, and this time is no exception, flatly said "Just playing in front of square hunchback, Wan hunchback shade from the outside back, the man jumped from the Black Lands in out of the bag with what Mongolia Wan hunchback's head, kicked meal. heard the man did not say a word, is certainly an acquaintance, or how to be blindfolded Wan hunchback head it, but afraid to let Wan hunchback he heard the sound of it? " Another person "often crazy woman," the middle-aged woman said "They are military brother, it does not know a few good skill." Mad woman often a soft spot for the military brother, because she had put an army propaganda team captain. "pull down the water ", came up with an illegitimate child. Someone teased her "Is not your army declared that it is definitely the captain dry your cheap party account, your brother back that military retaliation him?." "Often crazy woman" is not justified, only giggles, as if afraid that people do not doubt to worry about her brother, the head of the army as "A man killed playing live, is to a woman's X, Party beaten, certainly to us which X. "Then, put the presence of the woman glanced over. "Often crazy woman" eyes glanced sideways always, even to look at the people in front, she also turned sideways and then glanced over, everyone privately said she was "kinky crazy," "anthomaniac. " Jingqiu hear often crazy woman said, was very frightened, fear of "stone-law" to say that last thing, if people know Wan hunchback who want to bully her, it is possible to suspect her boyfriend or brother who went . While others may not know she has a boyfriend, but if you want to check the Public Security Bureau, but also do not check out? She has always been believed that "people do not know quest, is done by night", and breaking the law, who are not escape the palm of my police officers. Who has never heard of wounded people, I never found, I never punished. I usually hear how cunning so and so startling, finally caught by police officers. That waited until nearly nine, the factory was sent someone to say these days by Peng master to send workers to help, and so good to come back to hurt small Wan faction. Peng sent to you master work, called Jingqiu or give him a coolie, finishing a very tattered workshop's been a long time not used up.