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I constantly imagine the answer to Chen, a desperate and hopeful mood trapped me in for a week still no news of them, this feeling has become flustered. San Francisco picked up the phone a few times, but do not know who to call. Zhao Mo Sheng do? We had a falling out last time that it has been considered? That to Chen? Time was so long I think I've been forgotten abandoned them, and two days later, I finally went to C major, was found a few days, things have been wholesale nfl jerseys from china turned upside down. Zhao Sheng gone silent. It is said that she went to the United States. 3 Zhao Mo Sheng Chen to leave impact in the next few years I slowly feel it, then I even thought that this effect is weak, because then with Chen's performance, it can be called calm. That day I went to C major wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys free shipping uneasy to find him. C great unwritten regulations, is "stop the boys dormitory, dorm girls into chaos," so I came all the way unimpeded to Chen's dormitory. Chen not to. Chen's roommate had to know me, see me first thing I know is to ask Zhao Sheng gone silent. I was shocked. Prior to Chen back wholesale nfl jerseys to Chen's roommate already know what he told me, finally opened to me a good solution to Chen, said that the girls do not mind the negative and so memorable. Behind him, then I heard the whole inside. I imagine a lot of situations that I did not expect Zhao Mo Sheng will walk away. Mind kept wondering why she would go so altogether? Like they say take leave to go abroad, or because I say? Also, she did not tell me to mention Chen said remark? Just as I was antsy when it comes to Chen from the department office back. He looks okay, but it seems haggard point, condensation gloomy brow, eyes hidden in the haze.