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The next day, go to work every day Jingqiu to paper mills, although living there know Like Zhang finished yet, but according to the rules of odd jobs, she must first see Wan prosperity, and so he sent his work. She went to Wan prosperity that room tool room and office, but Wan prosperity only when not seen her, nba jerseys for cheap free shipping busy with other odd jobs to send workers. When he finished the whole camp, fishes Anny said "Today you did not live, you - go back and rest, and they will - do not come." Listening to Jingqiu shocked, asked "What do you mean I stopped Like Zhang Xuan Ke domestic workers who want to continue the magazine said today it" Wan prosperity, said "Like Zhang said that the magazine continues, how can you not look Like Zhang dispatching find me doing??" Jingqiu think he importune, got angry and said. "Are you Party, is control our odd jobs before I came to work I can help you send the magazine Like Zhang, also you do not send me to do." "I send you running a blackboard, I call you to talk to him go shopping?" "When I told him shopping with?" Wan prosperity than she seems to be angry "I think what you are decent women do, is get half decent installed in front of me who did whom you want to do it, and I did not want you here.." He saw static autumn stood Numuxiangxiang for him, he said, "you do not go? do not you go nba jerseys for cheap I go, I still hungry, I went to eat breakfast." Then, go out into the cafeteria direction to go. Anny was put down in there, I feel this is simply a great insult, and hate the day away wholesale nba jerseys for cheap and ran back to work every day, no guts. If that day is gone left, not to be "stone mother" advised to come back to work every day, there would be people today quit midway Zhefan being humiliated. She knew Wan Ma Zhuren prosperity certainly going to go seven, said eight that slander what she told Like Zhang, and made her discredited. She was shaking with anger, just want to find what people tell surnamed Wan of a shape, but things in the past many days, and now to sue, but did not evidence, and Wan prosperity as long as you can wash his own words "If I had that day for what she had done, how she will come back to work every day? " She wanted to stand here is not a thing, let surnamed Wan saw, I did not think he would live to fight like this job. She pouted to go outside the factory, want to go back, and slowly find a way. Went to the factory blackboard, she saw Like Zhang has been busy in there, and she did not say hello, secretly slipped passed from the side. Just the factory door, I saw the small hand full root fritters, drink and go to the factory. Saw her, he asked curiously "You do not start work Jingqiu today?" Jingqiu grumbled nba jerseys for cheap online "The Party quit" Ding whole stood up and asked "Why? Speech you" Anny said "Well, none of your business, you get busy." "I'm not busy, just under the night, those things do not want to eat the cafeteria, go out to eat breakfast, back to the bedroom to sleep and you talk about how it is, how rhetoric put you quit it?" Jingqiu a little patience, put the ten thousand things to say about prosperity, but those she considered ugly words are vague zone passed.