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Etc. Wan prosperity is gone, the whole on the small quiet autumn, said "Thank you, but I'm afraid you this thing to stir up trouble." Ding whole, said. "Do not worry, how kind he was afraid, and he that people are Jianzhong, you do not fight, he did not know much you talk to your help Like Zhang wholesale nba jerseys from china go, if Wan hunchback later find you trouble, you told me on the line. " Later those days, Anny has been on tenterhooks, afraid Wan hunchback to the factory to sue Ding whole, but after a few days, seems to have been all right, she thought might Wan hunchback is really a Jianzhong. She felt as if the whole human owed ​​Ding like, do not know how to repay, afraid Ding whole wanted her to do a girlfriend. Dante whole seems nba jerseys from china to be little strange, but is met to say hello, sometimes carrying his lunch came to her wholesale nba jerseys talk two or blackboard to see her do something, heard others say Jingqiu good handwriting, drawing well , came out to introduce his classmate said Anny, a child sitting in a row, the two were "a bunch of one, one pair of red." Dante whole did not want her to do to his girlfriend, she put a heart. Wan prosperity honest and more, in addition to school work, not say a word to her. She was assigned to live some tired, but she would prefer that. She later date with the youngest in the river, when he first saw her clothes bar in a skirt, right in her ear "You're wearing a really nice, good thin waist, big chest" She has always been based on a large chest ashamed, as if she knew the girls are like this, everyone wearing vest-style bra, the chest was flat Le, who is running when the chest random chatter, we must be a joke . So she heard him say so, a little upset, argued that "Where am I with square hunchback great how you like, but also so that I" He immediately asked "Wan hunchback how to say to you?" Anny had to tell him about it, but also the whole fight wholesale nba jerseys free shipping Wan Ding hunchback thing to tell him. She saw his face ashen, his teeth tightly bunched, his eyes full Ding is the kind of aggressive look, worried and asked "? You - how this thing is so raw atmosphere" He muffled to say "You're a girl, you can not understand a man heard the girl he loved the feeling of being bullied when another man " "But he did not bully me ah " "He forced you jump off the wall, you said he did not bully to you if you fall, and fall ? Dead, how to do." He looks so she was afraid, she width Commentary. "Do not worry, next time he does it, I do not jump off the wall, I pushed him down." He grits his teeth and said "There next time he want to live." She was afraid he went to the trouble Wan prosperity, they repeatedly told "This thing has passed, you do not go to Wan hunchback trouble, lest his own stick into, for this man surnamed Wan punished in jail does not pay. " He was a little hoarse, said "Do not worry, I will not get into trouble, but I'm really worried, afraid he or someone bully you again I'm not in your side, you can not protect you, I did not feel good." "This is how it is useless to you far enough away that you ?"