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That night, Anny slept very peacefully, doing a lot of dreams, are associated with the youngest, one would dream he kept coughing, and finally spitting blood; one dreamed he would fight with Wan hunchback , a knife stabbing the Wan hunchback. She kept thinking in a dream, a dream like this if that if a dream just fine. Later, she woke up and found that really is a dream, sigh. Before dawn, but she could not sleep. She did not know the youngest there last night looking for a place to stay, he said he sometimes because there is no proof of travel, can not find a place to live, in the pavilion stayed one night. ShangBanYe, there are a few people that shade pavilion chess; to midnight, leaving him a man, sitting there, think of her. She does not know when to see him, they can not pre-agreed time, but she believes as long as he could find opportunity, he would look at her. Before he knew she was always afraid she would see him later, they will sell off the child does not come to see her, but now she knew he was not such a person. When he knew that she wanted to see him, he would be more courageous, you will overcome the difficulties, came to see her. She went to work every morning paper mills, as usual, a first-Wan prosperity dispatching office to wait for him, but his door shut. She sat outside on the ground waiting for a good few odd jobs came, told wholesale nba jerseys her to sit outside on the ground and so on. Some joked "Party is definitely burning the midnight oil last night with his family, pretty tired, get up as wholesale nba jerseys paypal long as he considered our work, he does not matter what time dispatching, the later the better.." Some have even said "? Wan hunchback is not dead in the house of his family did not hear the others, he was a man on his death in the house, and no one knows how he does not find a woman.?" There is a muddy called "folds" the middle-aged woman said. "I want to help him find an object beyond the River, Man hunchback also not saying there is a river rural household really do not know a few two kilograms, others are not rural household would marry him? looks dead dead eye brow, a look not live long. " Wait until half past eight, and not to see Wan hunchback. We are a bit panicked, and dreaded the delay continues, today's workers do not become a hit. Several people went to the factory to discuss who see no one knows how it is. After a while, the factory sent a chief what sort of people came and said. "Small square was wounded last night, and today I do not know to not become what he is prepared to send to you to do the work, can not arrange your work today, you go home and rest, come back tomorrow. " Bickering odd jobs were all to go outside the factory, said today not to work on early notification Well, dragging such a long time remembered to say, our time delay. Jingqiu 1-10000 hunchback was hit last night, heart hanging up, she wanted to be the youngest must be dry. But after last night, he sent her to school, wholesale nba jerseys from china still stood there for a long time, then it should be sealed crossing? Does he come swimming to the middle of the river island, the Wan hunchback beaten? She wanted him to come if you want to swim, swim completely over, because she can swam across the river, he swam it is not easier? That night, he stretched out his hands to her at the other side, and stood so for a long time, is not in the farewell with her? Maybe he knew he did these things, it will go to jail, so reluctantly stood across the river, watching her last one? She felt anxious heart swollen, just want to find people who know the situation ask, in the end what was labeled Wan hunchback, and beat him to seize not, the Public Security Bureau to know do not know who to play. She did not know who to look for to find out, styled, Paoqu Wen Like Zhang know do not know this. Like Zhang said "I ​​was just know, just heard that he was hit, the other does not know." Like Zhang wholesale nba jerseys free shipping see Jingqiu very worried very nervous look, curiously asked, "Little Wan this person - recruit people hate it, I did not expect you so - worried that he " Like Zhang did not mind with Jingqiu explained faltered a few, and ran to find Ding whole.