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Ding whole listening, furious, not eating fried dough sticks to the hands readily fling, tear sheets of paper from the wall and wiped his mouth slogans and hands to pull the hand Anny go to the factory "Go, wholesale nba jerseys I find Wan hunchback afterwards to go, he is certainly bones ache these days, I want to give him Events" Jingqiu Mamalielie see him, as if to fight, scared, and like a child, like, grabbed his hand, let him go fight. Ding whole break her hand and said "Are you afraid of him I afraid of him, this man is hard to eat soft food, the more you fear him, the more he fierce?." Saying this, she angrily to plant Lane walked. Jingqiu do not know how to do, a child can not hold him, now or could not pull him, he ran into the plant had to go along, thinking if what happened to hit today, it would harm small it all. See all in her small talk with people who met, probably asking to see did not see Wan prosperous, and then went straight to the small canteen full walked up. Jingqiu scared ran past, ran the cafeteria door, I heard there has been a fight. She followed up the cafeteria and saw Ding whole is pushing square prosperity menacing mouth loudly clamored? "Wan hunchback, how can you put the students I quit you court death it is not these days pigskin itch? " Wan prosperity a poor image, repeatedly saying only one sentence "There is something to say, have something to say" A pull out full-Wan Ding live prosperous clothes chest, pulling him to the canteen outside "Go to the place you said slowly crime" He Changsheng pull out of the square to the plant south of the walls there, lead the way surprise to many eyes, but we seem to bother meddling, there are a few people Za Za whirring called "fight, fight, quickly called the security department," but they are just shouting does not move, nobody sent for the security department, no one came out and tried to mediate, only to Anny Huang Huang Jingjing called Ding followed behind full stop. The walls wholesale nba jerseys free shipping there, Ding Quansong open hand, pointing Wan prosperity scolded "You son of a bitch rogue, you bully I classmates, you want to want to live?" Wan prosperity still deny "I dare to bully your classmates, Do not you listen to her talk nonsense, she - not serious" Ding wholesale nba jerseys online whole is kicked up, kicked in the shins thousands prosperity, prosperity Wan Oh look, you squat to go up, easily picked up a brick, it is necessary to hit the small whole head, Anny anxious shouted "Be careful he hands have brick! " Ding full grasp of Wan prosperity up his hands, feet and knees while pedaling kicking his mouth hammering away, scared Anny shouted "Do not fight, beware of playing any death to" Ding full stop his hand, threatening, said? "I'm going to sue you, you rascal, I bully classmates, you know I do not know who I was." Wan prosperity hard mouth, said "I ​​really do not bully your classmates, you do not believe you asked her to see me touch her ​​fingers did not" "I have to ask I saw you fucking pig cooked, mouth or hard, really discuss fight -?" Then it whirl round fist fight. Wan prosperity cover your head and hands, shouted "You want me how in the end you do not do is let me quit she wants me to let her come back to work wholesale nba jerseys from chine every day, you hit me, you got off the body? " "I hit only figure happy, never got off no matter what the body can not shake off the body." open square prosperity, "Fuck you know turn, count your lucky, otherwise you killed today, I go surrendered soon said that today send any work, said I better go back to sleep. " Wan prosperity whispered to Anny said "Sally, you Like Zhang journal today or help it."