Welcome to the Reborn Missional Tribe Site

Greetings! And welcome to the reborn Missional Tribe site.

“futuristguy” here to talk a bit about this pre-Easter resurrection. I’ve served as historian/archivist for several non-profits and networks over the years, partly because I am a collector. (Okay, I admit it – I Collect Stuff.) And partly because I’m … well … a futurist! As someone interested in using tools of “strategic foresight,” it’s my perspective that understanding our possible futures depends on what’s in our historical DNA. So I thought it’d be appropriate in this post to bring things up to date a bit, for those who knew us from our previous M.T. site – which, ironically, is now empty because The Insidious Spammers attacked, wanting to sell all of us their Tiffany knock-offs, watches, and porn.

Missional Tribe Origins Story ~ Part 2 of 2

Part 2 in the retelling of our story from the original M.T. site shares our individual hopes for the future, as Instigators of Missional Tribe.

As Part 1 retold, Missional Tribe started with the group that the Holy Spirit led to begin it – four Boomer generation Anglo men who soon invited in three Anglo women, leading to a core group of seven with two of them Canadian and five American. That will always be the reality of our history. However, from the beginning, the imperative toward diversity, inclusivity, and activity in Missional Tribe have also been significant drivers of future change. We hope you’ll stay with us as an ongoing participant in developing this tribe’s future DNA and unfolding history!

Missional Tribe Origins Story ~ Part 1 of 2

Part 1 re-posts the “short version” history from the original M.T. site, and is valuable for demonstrating circumstances and the “spiritual DNA” present at the inception of what became Missional Tribe.

Instigating the Tribe

This Missional Tribe website grew out of relationships and ideas that were cross-pollinated by people who participated in The Wikiklesia Project (Voices of the Virtual World, 2007), Allelon’s Missional Order Project, and the Missional SynchroBlog.

Refreshing the Vision of the Original M.T. Site

This post gives four FAQs from the original site about Missional Tribe’s origins in 2008 and its vision for the site in 2009, plus two addendums to bring things up to date in 2011.

When was the original Missional Tribe site begun?

This site was instigated by three people (Bill Kinnon, Brother Maynard, and Rick Meigs) in late June of 2008, shortly after the Missional SynchroBlog, a well-represented event called for by Rick Meigs in an attempt to clarify and correct the misuses of the term missional.

Who instigated Missional Tribe?

The first seven people involved by October of 2008 were as follows.